Wednesday, 24 August 2016

RIP George

I can't believe it's two years to the day that I lost him.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Egypt Again

I've had a rough week with lots of pain. Thought at one time it was diverticulitis, but after lots of tests and prodding it turns out not to be the case. Just more of the side effects of the medication that is controlling the cancer. At least it seems to be doing that. Feeling better now but pretty exhausted.

So I thought I'd look back on some happier times.

The last overseas holiday George and I took was to Luxor where our hotel on the banks of the River Nile had this enormous chess board in the garden, in front of the swimming pool.

I organised this for his birthday as he had alsways wanted to visit the Valley of the Kings not far away in the desert. We did this and other tourist things there, including a visit to the temple of HapSetSut.

And we had our one and only ride on a camel along the west bank of the river.

Afterwards I wrote this article which is still for sale at Constant Content

Friday, 5 August 2016

My Latest Kiva Loan

I sold an article at Constant Content (CC) this morning. I don't get many sales now, probably because I don't add much to my portfolio there these days. Being semi-retired, I just write my 6 commissioned pieces a month and then perhaps one on spec for CC. Anyway it's always good to get a sale. This was one that I wrote in June about listening skills. It sold for usage rights which means it can be used once and I retain the copyright, so it still sits in my portfolio and is still for sale.

When I do get a sale I like to make another loan in I've usually had some repayments there so I have some credit with them which I can top up from my earnings. It only costs me a few dollars, plus a small donation so it's an easy way to help someone out.

Today it was Fatima who lives in Bethlehem. she works part-time and goes to university, working for a BA. Since I was a mature student myself, and aged 38 when I got my degree without having to pay, I have always been interested in women's education and was a board member of a college I attended for many years. It is good to be able to help another woman to fund her university fees.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Dorset's Blue Pool

Wednesday seems a long way back now, but that is the day we went to The Blue Pool, and I wanted to share it with you. Once it was a clay pit developed to serve the need of smokers in the 17th century when tobacco was introduced to the Britain. Then the clay was made into clay pipes and later made fine china crockery. Now it is a tourist attraction with lots of delightful walks where you can take dogs on leads. When they say that, we always cheat and take our long leads, only shortening them when we meet other people.

The pool is famous for the turquoise colour of the water that you can see in the pic. It's not always that colour and Wednesday wasn't sunny all the time, so it wasn't the best conditions to see it, but we were lucky to get some good photos.

I was determined to walk all the way around it. Even though there were much longer routes than the one we took, it was quite a long walk for me and I was glad to reach the tea rooms and sit down for a lovely cream tea to share with my daughter. Grandaughter had her choice of chocolate cake. A quick browse in the little museum and a couple of purchases in the gift shop and we were off to give the dogs a bit of a  run on the Purbeck Way which runs past the entrance. Then back in the car and home after a peaceful and satisfying afternoon.

Monday, 25 July 2016

The Garden in July

It's looking pretty good right now.

Regular readers may remember what it was like when we moved here in July 2009.

Monday, 18 July 2016

A Weekend Break

On Friday I took a train to Leamington Spa where I met up with some friends. Actually it was two trains because I had to change to a Cross Country route at Southampton. We stayed at the Regent Hotel which is now a Travelodge. It has come down in the world a little because in the 19th century Queen Victoria chose to stay over there, which is remembered in the stained glass windows on the landings of the very grand staircase (even though it has seen better days).

The Queen is also commemorated  in a statue outside the Town Hall, a very different and ornate Victorian building.

That afternoon  we visited the local museum and art gallery which is located in the modernised Pump Rooms of the spa. Here we learned some of the history and how the pump rooms were developed into a famed medical centre with a range of spa treatments available as well as its rejuvenating waters. Outside is an ancient drinks fountain where one of our party gave the water a try. He pronounced it not unpleasant but rather  salty. From the bridge over the River Leam near the Pump Rooms we could see the weir further up. Alongside the river were attractive looking gardens and walks.

This picture is of the bridge in Victorian times, and it is not that different now. The columns in the background are on the facade of the Pump Rooms and also look similar today.

On Saturday, we took a bus to Warwick and found historical buildings that go back a lot further. Do come back in a few days to read more about that.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Wheal Martyn Again

Someone commented on the weird sculpture in one of the photos in my last post, so I thought I would show you some close ups. It wasn't until we passed it that we realised it was on the approach to the Wheal Martyn China Clay Museum and Country Park. Then it became clear that the sculpture depicted various stages in extracting and transporting the clay.

The clay trail we had walked to get there was part of the route to the port at Charlestown where the clay was loaded onto ships and taken on by sea.

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